In Memoriam: Cheddar Fandango’s Cheesy Frenemies Bid Adieu A Year of Growth, and Depth Cracking Wise: Robby Hoffman on Biblical Booze Cruises, One-Joke Sets, and Growing on Stage
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In Memoriam: Cheddar Fandango’s Cheesy Frenemies Bid Adieu

by Rachel Levine Lounge singer Cheddar Fandango was a mighty woman in a pint-sized package, a woman we come to know better through the recollections of friends and frenemies at her wake. Cheddar had a fat orange cat, loved to drink (tequila in particular), and had a weakness for other women’s husbands. Sarah Segal-Lazar’s latest […]

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A Year of Growth, and Depth

From the beginning, our goal was to create in Almemar a space where we could explore and expand the conversation about being Jewish, a place where we can tell one another what being Jewish means to us, and listen to what each and every one of us has to say. This spirit of open dialogue […]


Cracking Wise: Robby Hoffman on Biblical Booze Cruises, One-Joke Sets, and Growing on Stage

by Ernest Hoffman Robby Hoffman is one of Canada’s rising stars in the comedy scene.  A native of Montreal, she started with a bang with eight packed shows at the Fringe Festival in 2010, and has never looked back.  She was a semifinalist in Sirius XM’s Next Top Comic in 2013, has been a featured performer […]

Miss Me

Up in 60 Seconds: Miss Me on Creative Outlets, Artful Vandalism, and Confronting the Public

by Ernest Hoffman Miss Me is a Montreal-based street artist and public muralist who characterizes her work as ‘artful vandalism.’  If you’ve walked around the Plateau, Mile End or Downtown, you’ve probably been confronted by her work without knowing it, along with thousands of unsuspecting citizens in Geneva, Berlin, and New York, among other cultural capitals.  Catch Miss Me in […]

Ingrid Bejerman with Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabo’s unforgettable gifts to journalism, literature and life

by Ingrid Bejerman I know this may sound absurd, but it’s nothing new to those of us who knew him: Gabriel García Márquez had the power to read minds.  Never in my life have I felt so vulnerable and transparent as in the moments I was fortunate enough to spend in his company.  I still […]


Shekinah Tackles Stereotypes about Hasidic Sex 

by Matthew Hays Timing is everything in filmmaking, especially in the realm of social-issue-oriented documentaries. When the Maysles Brothers began following the Rolling Stones around for a concert film, they had no idea they would capture a fatal stabbing at the band’s Altamont concert. Understandably, their film changed direction. Montreal filmmaker Abbey Neidik set out […]

Eshkol Nevo

Wandering the New World: Eshkol Nevo on Being Courageous, Writing Scared, and Traveling Aggressively

by Ernest Hoffman Eshkol Nevo is a best-selling novelist, essayist and creative writing teacher based in Israel.  The publication of his novel Neuland two years ago coincided with massive protests in Israel, and became a kind of leitmotif for the protestors, sparking debate and selling 130,000 copies.  Neuland has recently been translated into English and […]

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Circulando al margen de mí

An English translation follows Soy Gabriela Bejerman, y una de las señales de que soy judía es la culpa que siento por estar escribiendo este artículo. Culpa por no ser verdaderamente judía y estar escribiendo sobre cómo lo judío influye sobre mi visión artística. Quien me encarga este artículo es una prima hermana, hija del […]

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Littérature juive francophone : d’hier à aujourd’hui

par Line Richer Dans le cadre des célébrations entourant le centenaire de la Bibliothèque publique juive (BPJ), le comité culturel francophone organise une grande foire du livre. Ce premier Salon du livre juif francophone de Montréal a pour mission de proposer des rencontres avec des auteurs talentueux qui s’intéressent de près ou de loin au […]

Genevieve Guimond - recent photo

Becoming Jewish at Juilliard: Genevieve Guimond on Uniting Music, Love, Marriage, and Religion

by Jennifer Grossman 23-year old cellist Genevieve Guimond was born and raised in Montreal, and graduated from Juilliard in 2012. She is currently a Citizen Musician Fellow in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. She is being mentored by Yo-Yo Ma for the 2013-14 season, while working with Chicago public schools, collaborating with community organizations, and […]